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Athletes of Neofuturism

Anthropocentrism toxicosis


Archivation of the posthuman compost

Title doesn't matter

Inhabited Substance

Norilsk Substance

Optical substance

Skins of Conceptual Constructions

Object-antiobject. Superposition.

Beyond the Lower Nervous Activity

The inhabited sculptures

Way. Imitation.


Unidentified living objects

Model of biometric reflexions

Down with Wrestlers with Systems
and Mental Nonadapters!

Unaccomplished Ideas

Topography of creative evolution


The Consciousness modelling

Coming into the theme /2009

Tunguska substance

Model of bipolar activity / 2008

Monument to the epoch of disintegration / 2007

Residual thought-flows / 2007

Crystallized Thought-Forms

Expedition in Polymer-forming Landscape

Disintegration of an involvement and other works 2007

Diffuseness of Formcreation

Reliefs / 2001-2002

At the very bottom there are Black Bass fish


painting 1988-1999