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Polymeric Offside   2018

MUZEON, Moscow




Anthropocentrism toxicosis   2018

Russian Antique & Art Fair, Moscow


 Sculptures, reliefs



Gonginichy, Podporozhsky district, Leningrad region




Skins of Conceptual Constructions   2017

Innovation as an Artistic Technique,
The State Hermitage Museum

International Festival of Media Art, Sankt Peterburg   

Interactive, kinetic installation


Inhabited Substance   2016


11th international festival of landscape objects.
Nikola-Lenivets, Dzerzhinsky District, Kaluga region   

Outdoor sculpture


Norilsk Substance   2015

«Nadezhda— The Hope Principle»
Trekhgornaya Manufaktura, Moscow   

Multimedia installation

Title doesn't matter   

COSMOSCOW, Gostiny Dvor,  2016
COSMOSCOW, Gostiny Dvor,  2015
COSMOSCOW, Central Manege,  2014



At The Very Bottom Are The Black Basses
COSMOSCOW, Gostiny Dvor  

reliefs      2015-2016

Object-antiobject. Superposition. 2013

Kinetic installation

Two robotic objects with multiple mutually directed measurementsensors create, as may seem at the first sight, a closed system...


Beyond the Lower Nervous Activity 2013
The 14-th city museums festival in St. Petersburg
«Contemporary art in the Traditional Museum»
The Museum of History of Institute of Experimental Medicine

Kinetic installation

...a kind of hybrid chimera that would come alive...

The inhabited sculptures 2013
"GOSZAKAZ" ("The Governmental Order")
CCA Winzavod & Pechersky Gallery, Moscow

Outdoor sculpture

City sculptures for the homeless animals... These might be bizarre biomorphic objects anchored to the roofs of the buildings or installed in the parks and squares, depending on the physiology of its potential dwellers...

Apocalypse 21.12.2012   2012-2014
«Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12», pop/off/art Gallery
The Kandinsky Prize, the ex-cinema-theatre «Udarnik», Moscow
Solo exhibition «On the bottom the black fishes», «Udarnik», Moscow

...large-scale sculptures combined in one installation which incarnate artist's old dream about the end of the world. These sculptures are as metaphorical as they are real in their reflection of the artist's thinking about the fine line of transition from a chaotic to a structural state and back in the process of evolution of the humanity.

Way. Imitation.  2012
Project "Way-Road"
Gallery ph_Manometr, ArtPlay, Moscow

Interactive multimedia installation

Using a steps-simulator, visitors give a start a move of a conveyor tape. Micro video camera is fixed on the tape and films the worlds inside the black box. The black parallelepiped is a reservoir of the time our lives.

Paleo-Geo-Morphology   2010-2012
«Paleo-Geo-Morphologies», Barbarian-Art Gallery, Zurich 2010

Sculptures from «Paleo-Geo-Morphology Cores» are artefacts of the human development. Convenience, the cultural «samples of a breed», has been extracted from the thicknesses of civilization. In the section of the object the viewer may see numerous compressed layers of industrial humus, amorphous and constructive form-creations, taking their start from the deep bowels of the earth…

Unidentified living objects  2012
Lexus Hybrid Art
ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow

Interactive kinetic objects

Try getting closer to these abstract object-like robots and you will find that they are only slowly and awkwardly trying to crawl away. These timid and supremely dysfunctional kinetic mechanisms are designed to stand in the way of our overwhelmingly rational minds, which subject everything to the laws of logic and pragmatic functioning, thus missing what is most alive and elusive...

Model of biometric reflexions  2011
International science-art festival «Life. The scientific version»

The interactive work with 6 kinds of biofeedback

The main creative task of this work is an attempt to materialize the mechanisms of the human consciousness, our psycho-physiological processes and brain activity. Our team includes a sound artist, a psycho-physiologist scientist, a programmer and robot makers who have already made several works called "Model of consciousness". This is the last of them..
Down with Wrestlers with Systems
and Mental Nonadapters!

«Rewriting Worlds:DA-DA MOSCOW»,
Special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art 2011
"TOTAL RECALL The Evolution of memory", ArsElectronica, Linz, Austria 2013

Interactive installation

One needs to go on a run-simulator to start up "a social mechanism". On the one hand - one feels himself as the God, because a move of mechanisms depends on his steps, but on the other hand he is only one figure among the others.

Unaccomplished Ideas 2011
«Free spaces», special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art,
ArtRu Agensy, Moscow

Biofeedback object

You can touch with your hands the surface of the transparent flask and give to it the warmly from your body. The object inside is absorbing your heat, it revives and stirs for a few minutes, and then you take the hands back, it gradually will be falling asleep again...

Topography of creative evolution /Kulik’s Hair/  2010 GRIDCHINHALL, Moscow area, Krasnogorsky district, Dmitrovskoe village

Interactive installation

Creative consciousness of the artist is a very complicated process developing both in time and in space. Its material projection – installation “Kulik’s Hair” has the similar behaviour. The first twenty meters object keeps its plastic structure and clarity, a kind of energetic convolution. But with further development it enters gradually to a vague and amorphous area, splitting up to separate structures that are dwelt by worms and insects.


Solo exhibition Gallery Brissot art contemporain, Paris


All works of the project are monochrome remakes of my early painting, which I have made 20 years ago and now I try to understand the basis of the creativity.


The Consciousness modelling 2010
"Club 21", One Marylebone, St. Martin‘s Church, London

Interactive installation

Coming into the theme  2009
Solo exhibition in pop/off/art gallery

Interactive, biofeedback installation


Tunguska Substance  2008
100 years anniversary Tunguska's event. Krasnoyarsk. 2008
«Promise of landscape», Museum of contemporary art PERMM. 2015
«Urals Transcendental», ArtPlay, Moscow. 2015

A part of heavy deformed landscape was soaring in darkness on the thin steel strings and looks like Earth surface changed by this meteorite. The object has imperceptible vibrations, a low-frequency audio rumble and a gleam inside itself. The long needles-trees and dark liquid on the surface have vibration from transformed of sound.


Model of bipolar activity  2008
Permanent exhibition in museum Erarta, St. Petersburg

Interactive, biofeedback installation

Model of bipolar activity demonstrate, in real time, changes in the activity of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, the way the domination shifts, how the force of interaction fluctuates depending on thoughts, moods, recollection and reflections...


The Monument to the Epoch of Disintegration  2007
"Monument" The project of a monument to the first president of Russia -Boris Yeltsin
Art4.ru, the Museum of contemporary art, Moscow

Model of city sculpture

If one were to describe my concepts in a simple way, then it is possible to talk about the breaking of one big country into fifteen pieces. The figure of Yeltsin stands on the top of tilting Russia, the remaining overturned figures are all of us in that period.


Residual thought-flows  2007
Art4.ru, the Museum of contemporary art, Moscow
«Open Innovations-12», international forum for innovative, Expocentre, Moscow
«Resonant Matter», The Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St. Petersburg

Biofeedback objects

The device is used in the objects is measuring in real time the level of emotional activation of the person, who comes into contact with the interactive sculpture.


Crystallized Thought-forms  2007
«Trepanation of the Thought-forms», pop/off/art gallery, Moscow

Biomorphic sculptures

My attempts to understand the mechanisms of my own perception, comprehension and thought-formulation lead me to the possibility of visualization, and further to materialization of certain thought-producing structures and thoughts themselves.


Expedition in Polymer-forming Landscape  2007
«The drawing of Siberia» 7th Krasnoyarsk Biennial

Sound installation

The place of my art-landing became the minute oil town with the strange name Muravlenko. What yielded to being collected, I collected – air, five litres of oil, stones, fragmented stories, wandering through the marshes, the looks of people, the hoof of a deer, a long narrative by the sinewy Tartar-drill operator about oil wells and their clogs of black paraffin, a photograph of a real Khant and some other things…

Projects 2007

The Disintegration of an involvement  2007
biofeedback installation

Anthropocentrism toxicosis  2007

Pressure of expediency  2007
showcase in museum Art4.ru


Diffuseness of Formcreation
«Biomorphic radicalism in the destructive synthesis» gallery "Sam Brook"
«Good News» OREL ART gallery, London, England
«On the bottom the black fishes», The ex-cinema-theatre "Udarnik", Moscow

Photo 97x220  2005,

Relief with sculptures 600x260 2010



Heliophobic Forest  2002

Mantis religiosa  2002

Postdeformational Afteraction  2002

Pressure of Rawcreation  2002

Ultra-structural Pathology  2002

Front Wall Removed  2002

Death of Future Meateaters  2002


Painting  1988-1999

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