Audio – Nikolay Khrust
Biofeedback – Timour Shchoukine

pop/off/art gallery
12 - 30 May 2009

The material element of the project is a spatial audiovisual installation equipped with instruments of bio-reciprocal communication, which supposes an interactive relationship with the viewer.

The installation consists of a few biomorphic in plasticity objects-entities made out of polymer, which are in an antagonistic dialogue with one another and which are connected in a single three-dimensional network structure. This is a peculiar materialization of ghosts which inhabit the consciousness of the artist and visit him in dreams. With the illnesses and deaths of each of the creatures is connected a story, at times heart-rending and irreversibly imprinted in the very core of the creative consciousness..

Whilst sorting out one’s own psychological debris and being a distinctive artist, how can one be drawn into the process of the current artistic discourse? And is it possible to avoid similarly being drawn into foreign communicativeness, remaining an appropriate artist for the art world? The artist proposes to the viewer to come inside his experience and try to find the solution to his contradictions.

Having knelt and been connected to the instruments of bio-reciprocal communication, it is necessary for the viewer to concentrate totally on the situation in which he has found himself a direct participant – to fix his eyes on the eyes of the creature opposite, to quieten his inner dialogue, to synchronize his breath with the rhythm of the audio track. The more the viewer enters a peculiar meditative state, the more the ordinary lighting of the hall dies away, giving way to the ultraviolet, as a result of which texts of famous art critics and contemporary art experts appear on the walls.

Degot, Aronson, Grois, Osmolovsky, Gutov, Katy Chuhrof, Bulat, Artur Zhmievski – they talk about discourse, communications, politics, the society, traditions, Post-Modernism, context, auras, background and so on. In parallel with the dying out of the light, the growling of the creatures increases – abstract electronic sounds mutate, transforming into excerpts of texts of those same Art theoreticians, whose texts appear on the walls.

It is necessary to continue trying “to come into the theme” until the texts can be read and the idea of the installation fully revealed, having entered the discussion field of Russian contemporary art and the world of the artist simultaneously…

The tasks are complex and mutually exclusive, therefore their successful solution is rather vague. However, a similar conflict, to one degree or another, is relevant to each of us, because the solution to the problem of balancing personal originality with the established order of perceptive images and meanings requires the constant “coming into the theme”.

The project turned out to be quite personal and intimate, because my whole life consists of animals, constantly shitting themselves, dying a dreadful death, Art and rather complicated relationships with the art community…

                                                                                                               D. Kawarga.

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