Unidentified living objects

in common with
the studio of robots technic by Polytechnic Museum

Lexus Hybrid Art
18-29 July 2012 ARTPLAY Design Center

Interactive kinetic objects

Try getting closer to these abstract object-like robots and you will find that they are only slowly and awkwardly trying to crawl away. These timid and supremely dysfunctional kinetic mechanisms are designed to stand in the way of our overwhelmingly rational minds, which subject everything to the laws of logic and pragmatic functioning, thus missing what is most alive and elusive. Communication with these irrational machines is meant to provoke a completely different thought algorithm in viewers. A conflict arises: the robot performs illogical and yet interactive motions, but the desire for tactile contact is accompanied by confusion. The clash of traditional expectations activates unusual schemes of interpretation, which are designed to enrich and upgrade the mechanism of perception.


DNA project (Dwelling of New Art) in Pervouralsk / Science-Art Laboratory
The educational centre of Pervouralsk Novotrubny Factory

Interactive kinetic object Tubifex
metal, polymer, rubber, sound devise, motor, 130x170x100

We created an interactive object of technological art together with the engineer-mechatronic Viacheslav Aprodu from Pervouralsk.

The half-alive creature can see people around and responds to their activity. When our Tubifex is alone, it keeps quiet and thinks about its artificial technological nature. But if somebody appears in its field of view, it immediately wakes up, makes the noise of the working machines from the Novotrubny factory and begin to reorganize itself, it rotates its joints and wiggles tubular body parts.

The Tubifex looks like a yellow geometric abstraction, the conglomeration of structural formations, the various cylinders, tubes and cubes. Inside the "body" is a metal skeleton, equipped with movable joints and engines. In other words, it's a cyborg, the creature with a primitive mind, it has bones, the rubber skin, the own voice and organs of sight. By the other hand, it is a kinetic sculpture, visual image which was synthesized by creative imagination on the basis of impressions of Novotrubny works.