«Tunguska substance»
«A Promise of Landscape» Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM

The installation "Tunguska substation" was created in 2008 for the exhibition "100 years anniversary of the Tunguska event" and recreated in 2015 for the exhibition "A promise of Landscape"

At 2008 was a conference "Scientific and cultural mythology of the Tunguska meteorite". On that conference the different scientists gave many different versions about the event. It could be a meteorite of ice, an alien invasion, the test of natural H-bomb, a small black hole or antimatter, Nikola Tesla's experiment and many others.
But the main idea of the discuss - that the something changed inside Russia and the catastrophic consequences we feel all these years. Since 1908 on the territory of our country any distorter stays and turns the vector of event-trigger to the perversion...

A part of heavy deformed landscape was soaring in darkness on the thin steel strings and looks like Earth surface changed by this meteorite. The object has imperceptible vibrations, a low-frequency sound and a gleam inside itself. The long needles-trees and dark liquid on the surface are vibrating from audio device.

450x350x100 sm, polymers, metal, enamels, black liquid, light, audio device, weight 130kg

Exhibition «Urals Transcendental» 2015
Special Project of The Fifth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

"Fluctuations of spatial massifs" 2008

The Michael Prokhorov's Fund and the Siberian Federal University in common with the Krasnoyarsk museum centre.

A conference «Scientific and cultural mythology of the Tunguska meteorite».
An exhibition has been devoted to the fact of falling the meteorite to the river Tunguska 100 years ago.