Down with Wrestlers with Systems and Mental Nonadapters!

"TOTAL RECALL The Evolution of memory", ArsElectronica exhibition, Linz, Austria 2013

One needs to go on a run-simulator to start up "a social mechanism". On the one hand - one feels himself as the God, because a move of mechanisms depends on his steps, but on the other hand he is only one figure among the others.

The consciousness of visitors is bisecting - is the society absorbs each of us? Or we ourselves form this enslaving mechanism? If one tells in a microphone the manifesto "Da-Da", the voice transfers a low-frequency impulse to the cellular structure, which begins vibration. As a result some of figures fall off, liberated from the structure. One conveyor has a microvideocamera. It shows on a monitor a space inside a black box - in this box is another reality, the world of the artist.

2014 «File», Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

FILE FESTIVAL - Down with Wrestlers with Systems and Mental Nonadapters! from Kawarga Dmitry on Vimeo.

"Rewriting Worlds: Dada Moscow", Special project of 4 Moscow Biennale of contemporary art 2011

Curator: Adrian Notz, Cabaret Voltaire Zurich
Organizers: Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, Triumph Gallery, Moscow & Barbarian Art Gallery, Zurich

"The work of Dmitry Kawarga normally deals a lot with ideas of biomorphism. A term and a small branch in art history that was very much influenced and formed by Hans Arp. Not just remaining in biomorphism, like Arp, Kawarga adds a whole new social and urban dimension to the works, that makes us think of terms like „rhizom“ promoted by the poststructuralists Deleuze and Guattari.

For Dada Moscow Kawarga invented a totally new work, which seems to be qutie different to the abstract, biommorph works he normally does. It is an interactive installation that brings up a very powerful sense of the machine and technology fascination the society before the WW1 had and it also show the brutal consequences this fascination had. Kawarga creates a machine that brings the idea of Social Models totally to the absurd."

Adrian Notz

In common with the robotic studio by Moscow Polytechnic Museum, and audio programmer Nikolay Khrust

Materials: PC, run-simulator, conveyer belts, metal, plastic, audio device, subwoofer, microphone, micro video camera, monitor, wood cube. 500x500x500