Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12

«On the bottom the black fishes», The ex-cinema-theatre «Udarnik», Moscow 26.12.2013 - 26.02.2014

The Kandinsky Prize, The ex-cinema-theatre «Udarnik», Moscow12.10.2013 - 12.12.2013

An Exhibition in pop/off/art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow 21.12.2012 - 02.02.2013

Exhibition "Kawarga. Apocalypse. 21.12" includes a dozen of large-scale sculptures combined in one installation which incarnate artist's old dream about the end of the world. These sculptures are as metaphorical as they are real in their reflection of the artist's thinking about the fine line of transition from a chaotic to a structural state and back in the process of evolution of the humanity. It is clearly a metaphysical outlook on the human being as a tiny particle of the universe which is inseparable from the Earth and its resources.

The artist is interested in the issues referred to the evolution of human species and those of the cyclic and spiral development processes which are characterized by a constant repetition and overlapping of the formations emerging from the depth of civilization.

Dmitry Kawarga project marks highlights the artist's role as one of the leaders of the new national sculpture who, at the same time, is capable of using plastic images to address such burning issues as global apocalypse titled the "End of The World". The exhibits reflect further the ideas of paleogeomorphology which have been lately developed by Kawarga. These include the artefacts from the "Paleogeomorphological Cores" series which demonstrate the development of the mankind through some sort of "cultural rock samples" produced from the civilizational thickness.

2012   195x140x125

Core 5
2011   195x25x25

Core 6
2011   195x25x25

Core 7
2011   195x30x30

Core 8   2012

2012   195x10x10

Core 10
2012   195x50x50

2012   195x25x30

2012   195x25x30

Core 13
2012   195x40x30

2012   195x40x30

Core 9
2013   195x50x50

Core 16
2013   30x10x10