Model of bipolar activity

ART - Kawarga,   Audio right - Ryoji Ikeda / – Audio left - Robert Fripp & Kryptogen Rundfunk,    Biofeedback - Timour Shchoukine

Photo of an exhibition in the Erarta museum

270x500x130, polymers, PC, biofeedback device, audio device, metal, 2008

Interaction with an object of the Model Bipolar Activity stimulates brings the feeling of equilibrium and harmony to the viewer, penetrates into hidden places of the consciousness by touching the metal plates that that transfer impulses. Models of bipolar activity demonstrate, in real time, changes in the activity of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, the way the domination shifts, how the force of interaction fluctuates depending on thoughts, moods, recollection and reflections...

Directions for use:

1. Touch fingers of your both hands the metal hollows.
2. It takes about 10 seconds to read the information.
3. Try to manipulate your brain's left and right halves to balance them.
Try to visualize these differencies and realize them.
All your efforts will be reacted by insides sounds strength.