"Model of biometric reflexions"

International science-art festival «Life. The scientific version».

Interactive biofeedback object

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Audio - Kryptogen Rundfunk
Robotmakers - Valery Kerpov, Mariay Platonova
Programmer - Sergey Monachov
Consultant of biofeedback - Timour Shchoukine

"The main creative task of this work is an attempt to materialize the mechanisms of the human consciousness, our psycho-physiological processes and brain activity. Our team includes a sound artist, a psycho-physiologist scientist, a programmer and robot makers who have already made several works called "Model of consciousness". This is the last of them.

Groups of visitors can make a biofeedback connection with our art object in order to get a unique possibility to interact in a direct dialogue with their own psycho-physiological mechanism.

Model of biometric reflexions from Kawarga Dmitry on Vimeo.

In this work we have 6 kinds of biofeedback devices.


This method allows to define the quantity of light in the infra-red range reflected (or absorbed) by blood vessels when illuminated.
One needs to insert a finger in a ring equipped with infra-red radiators and the threadlike elements will spasmodically move depending on the beats of your blood flow.
The sensors react not to the strength of the heart beats but to the inflow of blood into the blood vessels of the particular part of the body (in this case – the finger).

Changes in skin electric conductivity

Galvanic skin reaction is a bioelectric reaction registered on the skin's surface. The device measures the level of your emotional activity in real time.
Having grasped the metal needles with two hands, the elements inside the object begin to actively vibrate. If you calm your emotional state and thought activity you will slow down the degree of vibration. If you are worried the elements will be very active too.
The basis of this method is the phenomenon of a strong correlative connection between the change of electric conductivity (resistance) of an organism’s biological tissue and the level of emotional activity


This device uses fast and high-precision measurements to define the change of temperature to within thousandths of a degree.
One needs to apply his palm to the surface of the object and the device will provide information about the temperature of the hand to the robot inside the object in real time. The robot then starts rotating the biomorphic form.
Heat generation occurs due to continuous exothermal reactions. The activity of these reactions depends on the human's perception of the surrounding environment. The temperature changes as a result of blood redistribution in the blood vessels of the body and a change in the volume of circulating blood.

When one experiences strong stress his hands can become colder by several degrees. During slight mood changes the temperature can vary only by a few percent of a degree. It is quite easy to learn how to control the temperature of one’s hands.

Brain blood supply measurement

The method of photoplethysmography allows to register pulse waves passing through the place where the sensor is set.
One should secure the device by pressing the sensor to the forehead skin. The change in the strain of threadlike elements takes place depending on the blood supply in your brain.

The use of infra-red radiation with a special wavelength in this device allows to estimate the characteristics of the blood vessels hidden behind bone tissue – in this case cranial vessels. During mental activity the blood supply of various brain regions constantly varies.

Measurement of brain activity of right and left hemispheres

A connection to the object allows to feel the domination of cerebral hemispheres. One can understand what part of the cerebrum is more active at the moment and even try to change it by thinking about different things.

It is necessary to put on bracelets with metal plates on your wrists and try to think.

In case of the domination of the right hemisphere - the “breathing” biomorphic form activates. In case of the domination of the left hemisphere - the constructivist part becomes more active.

This registering station works from two pairs of sensors measuring the galvanic skin reaction (GSR). The distinction between the GSR signals of the right and left sides of the body is connected with the distinction between the activity of the cerebral hemispheres.

The left hemisphere is logical (it controls the right side of one’s body, supervises the right field of vision and the right field of hearing and is responsible for speech functions. 72% of the observed have this hemisphere as more active.

The right hemisphere is imaginative (it supervises the left side of the body and is responsible for the sensual perception of the world, intuition, dreams and creative thinking).

Brain music

This station reads off data and reacts to the bio-activity of one’s brain - it detects alpha, beta and gamma waves.
The electric activity of the brain has a compound character. The unique sound pattern (equalizer data) constantly changes.

One should secure the device by pressing the sensor to the forehead skin. A specially written computer program chooses one of many soundtracks depending on the reading of the device. This way the object reacts to the spectator’s brain bio-activity. In other words, the sound coming out of the object depends on the thoughts and emotions of the spectator.

At present five main brain activity frequency ranges are distinguished:
- alpha range (8Hz – 13Hz) – relaxation;
- beta range (13Hz – 45Hz) – active functioning;
- gamma range (45Hz – 60Hz) – altered states of consciousness;
- theta range (4Hz – 8Hz) – half-sleep;
- delta range (0.5Hz – 4Hz) – deep sleep.