Object-antiobject. Superposition. 2014

on the exhibition «QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT / 2.0» 2016

The Volga region branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts

on the exhibition QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT

Laboratoria Art&Science (co-commissioned by FutureEverything)

Two robotic objects with multiple mutually directed measurementsensors create, as may seem at the first sight, a closed system.

Those objects are interacting with each other, and for a while the viewer thinks that the connection between their actions is evident, and that the correlation may be explained.

But this feeling is deceptive: attention and analytic apparatus of the spectator, as he thinks, can still recognise the logic of kinetic dialogue, but confidence and doubt already swap places…

Each sensor performs its function – collects certain data and transmits the information to the engine… Variable vibration, humidity, pressure, distance, movement, sound, light, temperature of one of the objects is transferred to the movement activity of another, which in turn affects the first object again on the new round of interaction...