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Project "Way-Road"

Curator: Michael Sidlin

Gallery ph_Manometr, ArtPlay 12.12.2012 - 7.01.2013

in common with a studio of roboto-technic by Polytechnic Museum
550x100x40 sm, metal, polymers, plexiglass, a training apparatus mini-stepper, PC, monitor, video camera, belts, motor

"Using a steps-simulator, visitors give a start a move of a conveyor tape. Micro video camera is fixed on the tape and shows the worlds inside the black box. The black parallelepiped is a reservoir of the time our lives.

You can see the small scenes inside of the box only on the monitor. You have to walk on the simulator if you want to see all abstract installations one by one. In the middle of the way, the camera passes by the another monitor, on which you can see yourselves from the other side. Thus, the walker sooner or later meets with himself.

One can walk slowly or accelerate a step, you can stop and consider details, but you can't go back. If you let through something and want to see this again, you have to start a new full cycle...

You don't have a map or an aim, you don't know where the start or where will be a finish, there is only a movement from scene to scene and the pictures are replacing each other."