formcreation 2008,   37x37x30


formcreation 979,  2007   67x35x35

formcreation 122,  2008   50x60x38

formcreation 388,  2007   40x37x42

formcreation 119,   2010   120x50x42

formcreation 560,   2009   66x40x60

formcreation 985,   2007 25x70x40

formcreation 3030,   2009   120x100x60

formcreation 1027,   2009   100x60x40

formcreation 600,  2009   70x40x55

formcreation 702,   2009   110x50x46

formcreation 970,   2009   85x26x24

formcreation 744,   2009   117x46x35

formcreation 1012,   2009   90x60x100


formcreation 333,   2009   85x70x65

formcreation 721,   50x50x170 2009

Exhibition in Barbarian-art Gallery 2009

My attempts to understand the mechanisms of my own perception, comprehension and thought-formulation lead me to the possibility of visualization, and further to materialization of certain thought-producing structures and thoughts themselves.

The flow of thoughts is quite incoherent, and often unpredictable. Sometimes a running stream turns into boiling and gurgling biomorphic fluid with bubbles and swirling protuberances - in these moments the mortal envelope ceases to exist for perception - it rolls inward, it collapses having been caught into the vortex of high-speed "drilling", and it reappears at the other end of self-identification. This is the endpoint - a kingdom of insanity and chaos lies behind it...

Extracting a separate thought-form from the unconscious flow is a task in the field of both meditation and jewelry art, referring to prehistorical, basic perception algorithms. This process can be compared to work of a microbiologist or a biophysicist in a well equipped laboratory. Therefore it requires using all kinds of meta-mechanisms: noise-meters, flow-structuring units, ultra-structure destructors, element extractors, fixing facilities, series-formers, rectifiers, moderators, etc.. 90 percent of all efforts have been wasted, but methodology and meticulous planning bring to fruition - from time to time, a blob of crystallized thought-formation, a pure specimen is separated. Some of those have been brought from outside and their nature is viral, and some are the results of my own interpersonal post-deformational after-actions. And some are products of phantom synthesis, and they can be only recognized by their low radiation and inner noises.

Their size is an important aspect to consider, since this characteristic is fundamental. There is another subtlety here: crystals, while being prevailingly stable, nevertheless have the ability to change. While observing the flow of thoughts with proper tuning, one can undoubtedly classify the appearing formations separated from the flow by means of ones attention. But while pulling the discovered sample out of its environment, one might find that the data is either false, sometimes inverted, or even lost.

Such a specimen one has to refer to the field of phenomenology and leave the idea of their materialization, whatever extensive a work has been performed before. Their size may actually hit the range from one of a microscopic bead to something unimaginable that does not have an analogue in the material world. Obviously, this is connected with the weight of the thought-form, which is a deeply subjective parameter and therefore not open to objective prognosis. However this is a subject for a separate fundamental research...

Texture diversity and topographic peculiarity are characteristics of such significance that are impossible to over-evaluate. Undoubtedly, heterogeneity of thought-forms attracts our attention immediately, but realization of its importance happens in the moments of accidental aggregation of several thought-formations. Then a microscopic disruption in the trajectories causes an immediate chain reaction, which leads to a collapse of the whole flow and further, to a stupor in which one may lose speech, or experience auditory and visual hallucinations and so on and so forth.

In a moment like this a great "shift of layers" happens, thought-forms collide and break, segments lost in the crash get replaced by new ones through "magnetization". Actually, such processes can be compared to cosmic catastrophes when planets, asteroids, meteorites and comets crash. Almost all big cosmic objects have satellites of a smaller size, and a lot of pieces flying round in orbits, which aggregate into conglomerates of parasite forms.

The process of birth of a thought-form is mysterious and it is always hiding from any attempts to catch and visualize it. However, certain twilight zones obviously exist, and the mystery of new birth is going on there. It is likely that thought-formation is happening due to the magnetic effect which is spread in the areas experiencing heavy contamination with thought-dust. Particles of tiny size and low significance enter into fragile resonance with each other to be pulled and glued together. At later stages, those thought-forms that are formulated up to a satisfactory level leave the matrix area and diffuse into the general mental flow...


Crystallization of Thought-forms 2007 photo, plastification


Trepanation of Thought-forms 2007 photo, plastification