HOME «ABSORBING CONCEPTS / Sokal’s Self-Reflecting Mystification» 2017

From the series «Skins of Conceptual Constructions»

There are different kinds of texts near the object: philosophy, novel, news articles, historical, poetic, scientific etc. A visitor can take a page with a text and shows it to the camera. The object “takes a look” at a page, analyzes the information, and then it comes into motion.

The more the text is absorbed with concepts, the longer and more varied the object’s activity. The most animated fragments shoot bright liquid. Colorful matter flows out of the apertures - yellow (if more romantic adjectives), blue (if more philosophical terms), red (if more pronouns) and black (if more aggressive verbs).

The construction gradually splatters itself and the area underneath with splashes and jets of color. Pure colors mix and create a complex palette.
Philosophers create concepts, slowing down extracted fragments of the chaotic field, and “Skins of Conceptual Constructions” is the reverse acceleration of concepts up to their return to the abstract painting…

250x250x250 Polymers, metal, motors, video camera, movie device
Software and control system: Valery Karpov, Dmitry Dobrynin

Exhibition "Innovation as an Artistic Technique", The State Hermitage Museum,2018

The exhibition Daemons the machine, Laboratoria Art&Science Foundation, MMOMA. Photo by Yuri Palmin, 2018